Dr. Casey highlights what scientists are facing with COVID-19 in the APA Monitor


Dr. BJ Casey receives The Lifetime Achievement Mentor Award from APS


Award name: The Lifetime Achievement Mentor Award
Recipient: BJ Casey, PhD

Dr. Kristina Rapuano’s new study in PNAS on brain microstructure predicting later weight gain in children is highlighted


Dr. Casey's work on the emerging adult brain is highlighted in the New Yorker:


Dr. Casey says long sentences for juvenile offenders is challenged by evidence from developmental science


See Dr. Casey's article highlighted in 

Dr. Casey receives the 2019 Huttenlocher lecture award for outstanding contributions in the field of Developmental Cognitve Neuroscience from Flux: The Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience


Award name: Hottenlocher Lecture Award
Recipient: BJ Casey, PhD

Healthy brain development is a human right, argues Dr. Casey


See Dr. Casey’s article in Neuron highlighted in

Work by Dr. Casey and former students, Dr. Ali Cohen and Michael Dreyfuss, showing reactive action of young people under threat is highlighted by NBC News


Dr. Casey’s article in Neuron on Healthy Development as a Human Right: Lessons from Developmental Science


Graduate Student Estée Rubien-Thomas receives SPSP Diversity Travel Award


Award name: SPSP Diversity Travel Award

PhD student Estée Rubien-Thomas was recently awarded a travel award to attend and present her research at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, which will take place in Portland, OR this winter.