Our Values

The FAB Lab promotes and embraces a supportive, respectful, and open-minded climate free of harassment and unfair treatment. We do not tolerate bias-motivated actions or discriminatory behaviors towards groups based on social identities including race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, or (dis)ability status. 

We are committed to fostering equity through:


  • Sharing our science in an accessible way, particularly to individuals from outside the scientific community
  • Considering and sharing the implications and limitations of our work from multiple perspectives with the broader community
  • Creating opportunities for all individuals to collaboratively engage with and inform our science
  • Continuing to educate ourselves and others by thinking and reading broadly, and considering how other disciplines can teach us to be better scientists and educators


  • Recruiting and hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds and promoting their long-term success through training and mentoring
  • Recruiting, enrolling, and retaining research participants that represent the diversity of our community
  • Extending opportunities to participate in science and lowering any barriers that may limit individuals’ abilities to engage with our science


  • Bringing attention to incidents of discrimination or bias in our local and scientific communities and acting upon them in a respectful and constructive manner
  • Acknowledging the implications and limitations of our work from multiple perspectives